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Bistro Lotte Recommended by Local Businesses

Day to day life at Bistro Lotte is fun and always busy and action packed. We’re often just wrapped up serving our customers, making sure everyone is enjoying their visit and that the food and service is second to none. So from time to time, it’s really wonderful to get some nice feedback and recommendations from our fabulous customers and suppliers by way of a write up.

Indulge us if you will, whilst we share a couple of articles and blogs from the fabulous More Wine – our local ethical wine supplier and DuoBoots, an independent British designer bootmaker based in Frome.


Blog Piece: Spotlight on Frome: Home of DuoBoots’ Head Office – Bistro Lotte Highlighted for Food & Drink in Frome!

A great read all about what makes Frome such a fabulous place to live and work in. We are extremely happy to be included in the list of DuoBoots favourite places for Food and Drink. Read the blog piece here. Thank you DuoBoots team for being great customers and wonderful local business buddies!

Duoboots INdependent Bootmaker in Frome


More Wine Article – Bistro Lotte

Here at Bistro Lotte we’ve been serving our discerning clientele wine from the amazing More Wine since the day our doors opened back in February 2018. More Wine was created by Rich Hamblin, a Vintners Cup winning wine buyer and sommelier.

High Quality Sustainable Eco-Friendly Wine

Rich’s real passion is the supply of low intervention, high quality wine from small vineyards with an unerring focus on sustainability, eco-friendly packaging and transport logistics. More Wine sell their wines in bags and cans as they understand that if you’re not looking to age the wine you don’t need to import the glass bottle!

A section of the feature focuses on the reduction of glass recycling. Believe it or not glass recycling is a very energy intensive process so although preferable to landfill is not always the best eco solution. At Bistro Lotte we have been trying to figure out how many bottles we’ve saved from recycling by purchasing and serving More Wine’s bagged wine.  The answer to which Rich proudly calculated and announced to be over 5000 – or 2 tonnes of glass!!!

Read the Bistro Lotte article on More Wine’s website here and why not purchase some wine directly from them to enjoy at home too!


More Wine is a eco friendly wine supplier near Frome in Somerset


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